Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose started back in 1987 when The Grateful Dead's song Touch Of Gray was actually getting airplay. They started selling hippie clothing to deadheads on Shakedown St. at Grateful Dead concerts. Fast forward 25 years and Gypsy Rose has a wholesale catalog full of unique and often fair trade clothing and gifts. The Import House is proud to call Gypsy Rose one of our main suppliers of retro, fun, fair trade clothing!

Soul Flower

Soul Flower was founded in 1999 as a way to promote a bohemian, eco-friendly, and peaceful lifestyle. Soul Flower does their very best to give back and keep the positive vibes going. Each year, they donate to a number of organizations (local, national, and universal) that help to make this world a better place. In 2013, we focused on these organizations:

  • Habitat for Humanity - the whole Soul Flower crew spent a day helping to build the first Net Zero energy home in Minneapolis - go team!
  • Soul Flower contributes to the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition.
  • We continue our support of Second Harvest Heartland, going hungry is just one of those things that can't be tolerated.
  • We support in helping to offset Soul Flower's carbon footprint; and we continue to expand our green practices as a company.
  • We are working with the Conservation Corps - providing hands-on stewardship & teaching environmental conservation to young adults in Iowa and Minnesota.
  • We helped Vega Productions to build an instrument library for local schools.
  • Camp Courageous has always been on our radar. A fabulous camp where people with physical challenges can let go and just be in a camp that is made just for them.

The Import House is happy to continue to carry a wide assortment of quality organic cotton clothing from Soul Flower!


With over 20 years experience in this business, we have come to know what our customers want and need. Our greatest attention to detail on our clothes is what makes them different from other importers out there.

We could make our clothing less expensive by leaving off so many of the details we love, like embroidery, lace trim, hand made crochet work, but it is those details that make Jayli special.

Jayli supports artisans and crafts people and helps these people support their families. All the men and women who work in the factories that produce Jayli are paid above the standard rate in Nepal and for us that is one of the most important things about our company.

The Import House has been a long time customer of Jayli, just like you!

Blue Sky

Fusing high-quality materials with bohemian flare, Blue Sky has dressed women with fair-trade fashions and eco-friendly fabrics since 1994. Our collection consists of gorgeous clothing and excellent handbags and accessories.

Our line is characterized by beautiful, unique style, comfortable fabrics, easy flowing fit, earth friendly production, and our Fair Trade business practices. We use low impact dyes, recycled, re purposed, and organic fabrics, always with an eye on comfort and unique embellishments.

Blue Sky handbags are of exceptional quality, with details and features that go beyond expectations.

Make social consciousness seriously stylish with Blue Sky clothing!

Jedzebel Clothing

Jedzebel has been bringing fun and funky fashion to the US, Japan, Canada, and Latin America for over 20 years.

Our clothing is fair trade made and we use eco-friendly fabric in several lines.

Jedzebel continues to create beautiful one of a kind fashion from vintage fabric. Jedzebel is home to the Magic Skirt and many other silk sari designs. Additionally, cotton prints, one size fits most basics, and trendy yet timeless bohemian classics define the Jedzebel label.

Earth Ragz

Have you ever wondered where The Import House gets all of our Mexican blankets and hoodies? Well, for over 25 years Ramatex has been our supplier and here's why.

Ramatex International Corporation, based in Fairfield, New Jersey, serves as a distribution center for our manufacturing plants in Tlaxcala, Mexico. This strategically located distribution center was established in the U.S. due to the great demand for our products in North America. In addition, this allows us to be closer to our customers' requirements and needs resulting in prompt deliveries and top quality service.

Ramatex International manufactures EARTH RAGZ©, a line of garments and blankets made with 100% recycled fibers. These products have become a phenomenon to the industry, virtually taking the active apparel market by storm.

All of our garments and blanket are made with "ecoyarns", an exceptional 100% environmentally friendly fabric with performance and technological properties. The fibers in this fabric are woven in a unique pattern to allow for extra breathability, while creating tiny pockets that store and maintain warm air. Extra napping of the fibers enhances the thermo-properties of the fabric for added warmth, comfort and texture.

Ramatex International's EARTH RAGZ© have helped to change the way consumers purchase products; instilling a consciousness about preserving the Earth, recycling and buying products made of recycled contents to close the loop. For every EARTH RAGZ© garment that you purchase, you are directly preventing 2.4 lbs. of textile material from going into landfills. This number increases to 7.2 lbs for every blanket you purchase.